My name, if it isn’t obvious already, is Gary Austin and I am a photographer based in Derbyshire UK. 

I have had a varied career over 27 years working as a freelance photographer which has ranged from documentary, photojournalism to commissioned work and personal art projects. I’m now branching out into more humanitarian and cultural photography which can be boiled down to photographing people on location.
My style and approach is simple, straightforward, bold, classical, ethical, true, and straight from the camera. The photographs of people I produce are up-close and personal, full of drama, spontaneity and natural raw emotion.

While my greatest talents are the ability to mix with any class or culture of people and to get nervous subjects to relax in front of my camera. I am also excellent at solving visual problems and working in difficult or hazardous conditions and meeting deadlines.

The driving force to my work is exploring culture, food, traditions and the human condition by photographing real people on the streets, at home or at work. With a professional background in photojournalism and a degree in art photography, my photographic voice has evolved to be a blend of traditional documentary and portrait photography, an approach which allows for the subjective interpretation of the story as an artist.

I’m married to the lovely and talented artist Alison and we have three sons ranging from age 22 to 26


Foundry Gallery, London 2007 Group Exhibition on Protest that toured the UK

Anxiety of influence, Derby UK 2010 (Received the Format Award 2011)

Format International Photography Festival 2011 (click here to view on line version)
Speaker at RedEye 2012 in Liverpool

Magnum Street Photography Workshop Projection and print exhibition during the Format Festival 2011 (led by Bruce Gilden and Magnum)
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